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Biohazard Symbol Gully Dogs Biohazard Symbol

If you're looking for as close to a traditional gang of raiders in the wasteland as possible, then the Gully Dogs fit the bill quite nicely. Unlike some of the other larger raider gangs, these bad-asses seem to be mostly interested in the standard activities, such as attacking caravans, getting paid for odd jobs that most others may think immoral, and even the occassional hit squad.

Don't think for a second that these guys/gals are a pushover though. Despite their relatively low-key persona within the Plateau, the areas that they reside in have a hard time ignoring them. If you're looking for these thugs, then look no further than the Central Plains region. This is their main region of influence, having a presence in Terance, Depot 66, Zanesville, and Oilville.

Besides ambushing traders and caravans around Depot 66 and Zanesville, the Gully Dogs have made some serious impacts on other areas. If anyone has ever been to Terance, they will see exactly how bad things can get when the Gully Dogs get involved. In Terance, Jacob Phillips hired these degenerates to unearth a local LifeNet Facility which in turn released a massive army of Diggers on the town of Terance. The aftermath has left the town in shambles and the Gully Dogs have taken to the mansion overlooking Terance and refuse to leave despite the destruction they inadvertantly caused.

In Oilville, the Gully Dogs have formed a Force Camp, using it as a launching pad for attacks on the city. Within the camp, they are busy training their soldiers and brainstorming ways to takeover Oilville. They are focused on taking the resources that can be found within Oilville and this has led to the creation of an emergency army to help defend against these attacks. This is an ongoing fight and has delayed any plans from the powers that be to take the fight to the Gully Dogs.

The main base for the Gully Dogs is within a scrap heap of a fortress just off the road between Oilville and Embry Crossroads. The Gully Dog Bandit King resides here with his strongest bodyguards and deadeyes keeping him safe from brave vigilantes that think they can take him down. This is rumored to be where the main orders are issued and thus makes it a prime target for those that are planning to eliminate the Gully Dogs once and for all. It is only a matter of time before someone survives long enough to take on the Gully Dog Bandit King, but until that day comes, the Central Plains shall continue to cower in fear of what might come next from this troublesome gang of raiders.