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The Night Wolves are a vicious army of raiders, one of the strongest groups in the entire Plateau region. They were formed by Casta Gaunt before Alec Masters was defeated at Hoover Dam. Once Masters fell, Casta took the Night Wolves to the Power Station near Trumbull and got the power running. The area was and still is filled with mutants. This was no problem for Casta at first. The mutants were a vital work force for the Night Wolves, using them to help run the power station.

Casta made friends with the White Crow and began to dabble into cloning technology and mutagenics and together they formed a mutated clone of Casta. Argus, voivode of the Night Wolves, was the test subject from New Toro. With this latest creation, Casta took things to a new level, tampering further with advanced tech, mistreating the mutants as if they were inferior slaves, and digging into the deepest chambers of the Power Station that had been sealed for years.

The shaky truce that the Night Wolves had created with the mutants would not last. Argus took it upon himself to rise up against Casta and his atrocities to the mutants, thus the revolt began. Casta and Argus fought an epic battle. The Night Wolves and the Mutant Army watched as the two leaders fought for their lives. It ended with Argus the victor and Casta was banished from the Power Station. This was the end for Casta's connection to the Night Wolves and he left with a large force of followers and created the Gaunt's Raiders, moving south to rebuild his army. Argus took over control of the remaining Night Wolves and began to treat the humans as slaves.

Since Casta was ousted by Argus, the Night Wolves have begun to fall apart, desertion is now common, and the gang now only followers orders because many of them are prisoners or have family that is being held captive by Argus. This has left them vulnerable to the factions in Trumbull, but the Power Station still remains under their control as do multiple other areas within the Plateau.

Despite the turn of events that have left the gang weakened, the Night Wolves still make advances on strategic targets to further increase their holdings in the region. They have completely overrun Barrow's Exchange and Reyes Mine #4. Murphy is now under their control and rumors are spreading that the Night Wolves in that area are taking drugs to enhance their abilities in combat. Murphy is the most recent victim of theirs as well. They took the town in broad daylight and killed everyone the stood in their way. Only a handful survived the onslaught to tell the horrific stories of the takeover. The current location of main conflict is Trumbull as would be expected. They must know the factions are planning their attack on the Power Station and thus the Night Wolves are busy making moves on the town, keeping the factions at bay for the meantime.

Only time will tell how things will work out for the Night Wolves, but one thing is for certain, they are determined to maintain control of the Power Station. It is a vital resources and the main home to most of the Mutant Army. Too bad for the non-Night Wolf prisoners that got caught up in this whole mess. They only want to escape to be reunited with their families, yet that outcome is unlikely. A change is near, we shall see what comes of Argus, the Night Wolves, and his Mutant Army.