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Biohazard Symbol The Sacking of Hoover Dam Biohazard Symbol

The Hoover Dam was originally an outpost under control by GlobalTech. After the Fall, it was taken over by the Hoover Dam Garrison and the GlobalTech leaders were thrown out into the wild. Upon claiming control of the dam, the Masters family has been in charge of its safe keeping. Orsun Masters eventually put his son, William, in charge. Once William took over, the dam became consumed in a war with the CHOTA with regular attacks on patrols and outposts.

William had to strike a blow on the CHOTA and did so by attacking the town of 'Five Points'. He destroyed the town and many thought that would end the CHOTA threat in the region, but they were wrong. The CHOTA did not back down and went right for William Masters. They sent assassins to kill him out of revenge. It worked and the CHOTA rejoiced in their success, but this only made the whole situation much worse.

With the death of his father constantly tormenting him, Alec Masters took control of the Hoover Dam Garrison and launched a crusade against the CHOTA. To make matters worse for all involved, Alec also became obsessed with discovering the secrets of the Shiva virus in order to learn how to harness its power. He desired to create an army of supersoldiers to destroy the CHOTA once and for all. This led to many captured and tortured souls in his pursuit of glory. He also managed to create various beasts, like the Porkupines that he kept as pets.

Alec also enlisted the White Crow as a mercenary force and jump started a new age of cloning to supply his scientists with the test subjects needed for his experiments. He didn't stop there either, he even attacked the Lightbearers, killing their leader. With Shakti dead, the Lightbearers, Travelers, Vistas, and CHOTA became the a major force that eventually took part in the sacking of the dam.

It doesn't end here however, during the raid on Hoover Dam, the Enforcers came under fire from the White Crow. Alec must have decided that they were no longer needed. The Techs fled out of fear of the CHOTA savages and those who were left behind were slaughtered.

During the attack, Aro Sei, Alec's second in command issued disturbing orders to kill anyone on sight that tried to flee. This helped add to the death toll since many feared death from the White Crow, but the CHOTA got them in the end.

Reports indicate that a brave clone aided by Elena Winters managed to save the dam from obliteration. Aro Sei intended on blowing up the dam to prevent the CHOTA from taking it over, but the clone that escaped took the bomb far enough away from the dam before it exploded. It was a bold move for the clone saved the dam, but died in the process.

Before being captured and brutally murdered, Alec managed to play out his last card. He destroyed the mainframe for all the cloning chambers in the province. This destroyed the backup of the DNA used to create clones. This is his legacy, but their is still hope and any clone worth their weight in bio-matter with journey to Embry Crossroads to seek immortality or fade into history like the rest of the world.