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Lightbearers Lightbearers


Represent: Society
Core Views: Spiritual development and mutations are the path to enlightenment.
Allied with: Enforcers & Vistas
Archenemy: Travelers
Enemies of: Techs & CHOTA
Teach: First Aid, Dodge, Athletics, Medicine, Weaponry, Mutagenics, Empathic, Telekinesis, and Telepathy.
Ranks: Initiate / Novice / Student / Acolyte / Disciple

The Lightbearers try to make a difference through healing the population, defending fledgling towns, and teaching their philosophy of moderation and light. Their mission to restore health and safety attracts many to join their cause. Doctors bring knowledge of the healing arts and martial artists that choose to use their abilities to help others have become the group's warriors and defenders. Those mutated by the Shiva Virus have found guidance and training with the Lightbearers.

Rumors tell of a branch of Lightbearers that believe mutants are superior to normal humans and that their is a secret society of deadly assassins who stand ready to bring down anyone that oppose the factions goals. They possess a great knowledge of mutations, more so than the other factions. It is also proven that some of the factions highly trained fighters are some of the deadliest among the province.

The Lightbearers are led by six Grandmasters who comprise the "Council", all selected by their predecessors. When the Monastery was attacked a few years ago, four of the Grandmasters disappeared, leaving only two Grandmasters to act as the leading force. It is yet undetermined what came of the missing Grandmasters.

A cold war ensues between the Lightbearers and the Travelers because they are at odds with what they believe to be right in this new world. They rarely have direct conflict, but the Traveler caravans are not welcome in Lightbearer territories and Lightbearer missionaries are barred from Traveler settlements. Due to their love of chaos, the CHOTA are enemies of the Lightbearers and sometimes attack Lightbearer camps even though both factions favor mutants and their kind. The Lightbearers also dislike the Techs and their desire for highly complex science. They also do not trust them after the stories of horror from the Hoover Dam.

Despite past conflicts, the Enforcers work well with the Lightbearers under the leadership of Colonel Elizabeth Pryce. They have an alliance that works well for both factions although the Lightbearers do not completely trust them after the Hoover Dam incidents. Due to their location, the Vistas have been a reliable trade partner lately and the two groups have found peace together.