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Techs Techs


Represent: Science
Core Views: Advancing science by any means necessary.
Allied with: Travelers & Enforcers
Archenemy: Vistas
Enemies of: CHOTA & Lightbearers
Teach: Pistol, Armor Use, First Aid, Science, Geology, Mutagenics, Ballistics, Armorcraft, Nano-Manipulation, Enhancement, and Thermal Control.
Ranks: Student / Apprentice / Journeyman / Technician / Master

Originally formed within the Hoover Dam by a group of civilian engineers and military technicians, the Techs have seen it as their duty to preserve humanities achievements of science at all costs. They spend most of their time researching and crafting projects when they weren't busy repairing and maintaining the Dam itself. The faction was nearly erased when the CHOTA and Vistas sacked the Dam, causing the few survivors to flee to "Dawson Hill", and industrial complex before the Fall. They built the "University" and have been bringing in recruits to replenish their ranks.

The Techs have the strongest technological and industrial base of any of the factions. They own the largest crafting facilities in the Province allowing them the ability to mass produce advanced items, armor, and firearms. While they are not very capable of defending themselves outright, they have developed alliances for protection which has allowed some Techs to learn quite well how to fight in combat.

The Techs are led by the "Congress of Science", made up of eight annually elected Techs from the largest Tech settlements. All members have an equal say, but Geoffry McNas, Dean of the University, acts as a Speaker of the Congress. Other Tech positions are organized in a set series of ranks, each with their own responsibilities.

There are also three primary subgroups of Techs; the Appliers, the Theoreticians, and the Daedalans. Made up mostly of recruits from after the Hoover Dam incident, the Appliers believe that technology should be fundamentally practical, as well as beneficial to humanity as a whole. Theoreticians think that the value of advancement of technology is for their own sake and spend their time on private research instead of projects to better humanity. The Daedalans are a fairly new group that has grown tired of relying on others to protect the Techs and have devout their efforts into crafting superior armor and weaponry to protect themselves.

The primary enemy of the Techs are the Vistas since the Techs show little concern for the environment around them, something the Vistas find repulsive. The two groups don't actively pursue conflict like in the past, but they will not hesitate to engage if they cross paths. The CHOTA in some regards more of a threat to the Techs than the Vistas since the CHOTA have no ability to reason. This has caused a growing hostility between the two groups that will only get worse before it gets any better. Lightbearers are not so much a problem as the CHOTA, but their ill-founded belief in miracles and faith make the Techs perceive them as fools. The don't have outright conflict, but more or less arguments about philosophical ideals.

The closest ally of the Techs are the Enforcers since they share very common interests and have a shared history. They frequently trade with one another and consistently work in each others settlements. Some dislike does exist as the small group of Techs find the Enforcers as uneducated ruffians while some Enforcers see the Techs as arrogant to say the least. The travelers and the Techs are allied purely for profit, and there is a lot to be had. They are intense trading partners and both groups are happy to keep things the way they are. The Brenhauer and Cleaner families of the Travelers have the most direct contact with the Techs.