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Biohazard Symbol The Fall Biohazard Symbol

This is the term used to describe the end of civilization as we know it. The records of the true beginning of the end are not clear, but it was said to have started in Asia, somewhere in India or Pakistan around the year 2055. A highly contagious virus spread quickly throughout the local population. The effects the virus had on the body reminded someone of the Hindu god Shiva, thus the virus got its name. Thousands died because of the Shiva Virus and little could be done to stop its spread.

The region the virus first started was also the target for nuclear irradication, likely a desperate attempt to cleanse the land and prevent further spreading of the infection. Within a year's time, North America was consumed by war along the east coast between the U.S. Government and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which was backed by the U.S. military. By 2062, the war had taken its final toll, the last known president was dead, and the world had ended, or so it seemed. Nearly every last human was either stowed away in a sealed bunker, or immune to the virus, or dead. Estimates say that less than 1% of the human race was left alive.

This was not the end however, but the beginning of something unexpected by most within the Grand Canyon Province. A few nukes hit the region busting old Rothium kegs used by GlobalTech to generate power. Instead of serving their original purpose, these kegs began to spew radioactive nanites whenever rainwater got into them. These nanites have seemingly trapped the few survivors within the Grand Canyon Province by surrounding the region with radioactive storms and mutating the land into bizarre horrors that now dwell in the wastelands.