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GlobalTech was founded by the Brenhauer Investment Group through purchasing a variety of technology companies in 2020. Within three years, they developed Nanite technology and Rothium kegs through their subsidiaries. A year later, they even create the GlobalTech Television Network and air shows like the "Globby Funtime Hour" and "Microcosm".

By the year 2034, GlobalTech acquires the Grand Canyon and surrounding national park lands from the U.S. Government. During this time, a faction of naturalists named "The Vista Society" (Vistas) is officially branded a terrorist organization by the U.S. Government. By 2040, the Brenhauer Investment Group opens a new headquarters on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. In just two years time, GlobalTech founds the town of New Flagstaff and build a nearby university.

In 2044, Life Industries, a subsidiary of GlobalTech, develops a fully functional cloning system, integrated with neural-mapping technology. In a sudden turns of events, the founding member of The Vista Society, Morris Hendry, is elected President of the U.S. Within a year's time, he introduces a legislation to de-legitimize the commercialization of the Grand Canyon by GlobalTech. Congress passes the legislation, but the President surprisingly vetoes his own anti-GlobalTech law. No details are given as to why and many speculate about the motives.

After two years pass, President Hendry collapses during his State of the Union address and slips into a coma never to return. His Vice President, Harry Pembroke, assumes the duties as President and wins the re-election a year later with campaign financing from GlobalTech. This sudden string of events leads The Vista Society into action. They covertly infiltrate the Grand Canyon Province and setup communes far from the corporate settlements.

A year later, in 2049, GlobalTech moves its headquarters to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area creating its own mini-state within Arizona with military-controlled borders. This eventually leads to GlobalTech becoming a corporate-feudal state within a year. Upon creating its own state, in 2050, GlobalTech opens World's Fair-style exhibition facility in Grand Canyon, later referred to as the "Fairground". Two years later, the Vistas carry out extensive attacks on GlobalTech facilities, forcing the corporation to withdraw from the Kaibab Forest region.

By 2054, the Fall begins as the Shiva Virus is released onto the world. With a year, nuclear attacks are initiated in and from southern Asia. Life Industries orders the lockdown of all LifeNet facilities. A year later the war ends in Asia as barely anyone is left to fight. The Shiva Virus finds its way to North America and begins to take its toll on the U.S. populace. Life Industries rushes to distribute LifeNet cloning pods throughout the Grand Canyon Province with the intention of becoming a cornerstone of future rebuilding.

A few years later, in 2062, the Hoover Dam outpost, under control by GlobalTech, loses all contact with the outside world. The Grand Canyon Province appears to be the sole survivor of the Fall. The last President of the U.S. also dies around this time. With the trying times facing the human race, a new form of power begins to rise as the Lightbearers are formed by Shakti within the next year. Three years later, the Hoover Dam Garrison seizes the Dam and banishes the GlobalTech leaders. Colonel Orsun Masters gains complete control of the Dam.

Over the many dark years that pass as the end of civilization sweeps the globe, Colonel Masters remains busy within the Dam and raises himself to the rank of General in 2090. Nine years later, he passes his title to his son William. During this time, Dr. Benjamin Sillers of the Hoover Dam Garrison observes a band of survivors of the Shiva Virus that have reverted to primitive levels of technology and society. A year later, he coins this increasingly dangerous group the "Children of the Apocalypse" or "CHOTA". After six years of observing the CHOTA, Dr. Sillers is tortures and killed by Redhand, leader of the primitive group. The CHOTA begin a war on the Hoover Dam and regularly attack patrols and outposts.

Ten years of bloodshed ensue and the war escalates in 2126. Forces from the Hoover Dam Garrison attack "Five Points', killing numerous CHOTA and some merchants, including the wife of Chikako Matsuo, Shaundra Skilling. This leads to meeting of the merchant families at what is called "The Travelers Summit". The results in various merchant families uniting. Four months later, the CHOTA retaliate by killing General William Masters, leaving the command to his son Alec Masters. Years pass and Alec Masters reconciles with the White Crow in 2132 adding them as a mercenary force. He then orders an attack on the "Monastery" of the Lightbearers in "Red Farm" that results in the death of their leader, Shakti.

On April 30th, 2152, the CHOTA revolt occurs, Enforcer and CHOTA casualties exceed fifty percent, The Hoover Dam is sacked and left empty. Four years pass and you awaken once again, unsure of the way of the world and how you will fit into it...