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Travelers Travelers


Represent: Self
Core Views: Commerce will keep humanity alive, especially if we get the profit.
Allied with: Techs & CHOTA
Archenemy: Lightbearers
Enemies of: Enforcers & Vistas
Teach: Pistol, Social, Dodge, Athletics, Science, Nature, Medicine, Sonic Manipulation, and Telepathy.
Ranks: Gopher / Wanderer / Trader / Racketeer / Muscle

The Travelers are what some would consider an organized crime syndicate of sorts. They are made up of a loose affiliation of families that have interests in many business ventures including performance troupes, gambling, information brokering, smuggling, narcotics, kneecapping, and even assassinations. They are business minded, mainly focused on trade, but their greed has made them quite influential.

Regardless of their casual moral attitude, the Travelers share a common code developed in the "Grand Summit of the Seven Families in 2126".

  • Problems within the Travelers are settled with words before blood.
  • When a Traveler kills a Traveler, the action must be justified before a neutral arbitrator or the offending traveler must pay a penalty.
  • Family before Traveler. Traveler before everyone else.
  • Never take a fellow Traveler's last coin or only weapon.
  • Once given to a fellow Traveler, a Traveler's word is his bond.

Travelers are motivated by many things; greed, popularity, and power. They usually do not believe in charity and avoid helping others when there is no profit involved. When it comes to conflict, Travelers don't have an organized army to rely on. They instead hire mercenaries or thugs to do their bidding. They don't have much in the way of hierarchy either with each settlement or caravan ruled by its own leader. They can go by many different titles as well, some prefer to called King, others Emperors, some others go by Baron, Boss, or President. They don't normally listen to each other unless their is profit to be had. They do have gathering between families, but each family is loyal only to itself.

The primary enemy of the Travelers is the Lightbearers who don't get into outright conflicts but instead intervene whenever a Traveler is caught stealing or attempts to undermine an honest business operation. The Lightbearers actually encourage the trade brought on by Travelers, but despise the extra dealings that follow. Enforcers and Vistas also avoid Travelers since they don't like the unsavory deeds the faction engages in. They don't openly engage in combat if avoidable, but deter them from their settlements.

The main ally to the Travelers are the Techs. They enjoy a prosperous trade relationship of raw materials and spare parts for their research. Since the Travelers have a flexible moral code, they don't mind helping the Techs with their weird experiments and rumor has it that the Travelers even supply Techs with human test subjects. The CHOTA also get along with the Travelers since their help in attacking the Hoover Dam. They are not the best trade partners, but the CHOTA come in handy when a brute force is needed.