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Vistas Vistas


Represent: Nature
Core Views: We must preserve and protect our environment.
Allied with: CHOTA & Lightbearers
Archenemy: Techs
Enemies of: Travelers & Enforcers
Teach: Rifle, Group Tactics, Dodge, Athletics, Nature, Ballistics, Cooking, Science, Primal, and Sonic Manipulation.
Ranks: Greenhorn / Citizen / Learner / Vista / Trustee

The unclaimed lands of the wilderness are home to the Vistas who were a environmentalist movement before the Fall. They were sworn enemies of GlobalTech and fought hard to save the Grand Canyon Province. Now they see themselves as the last defenders of the world, protecting what little life remains. They are deadly warriors that use their surrounding to their advantage. However, they are not just guerilla warriors, but also farmers, ranchers, and craftsmen. They are responsible for most of the food produced in the Province, knowing more about agriculture than any of the factions. They know what plants heal, what animals produce virulent toxins, and rely on nature instead of science.

Contrary to the belief of many, the Vistas do not hate technology as a whole, just the single-minded pursuit of technology at the expense of the world. They feel this is what led to the Fall in the first place and will not risk letting it happen again. They pursue technology that fits into a harmonic agreement with nature, but despise it when nature is harmed in the process. Their goals are many, but many try to repair the damage made by their ancestors. They also study new mutant creatures and plants to determine how they fit into the existing eco-system, trying to discern their function to maintaining balance. Other, more radical elements, fight to stop the exploitation and destruction of the environment for profit or for technological advancement.

The Vistas leadership structure is based on utopian socialist philosophy. Most of their decisions are voted on by the adults of the commune, with the majority carrying the decision. Each commune elects a Citizen Speaker, who organizes such votes and handles quick decisions. The Citizen Speaker serves until he or she does something unpopular enough for the majority and is voted for removal by the commune. Other positions within the commune are voted by the populace, except for military charges, those are elected by seniority and the Citizen Speaker.

Vistas are currently consumed by an ongoing conflict with Techs, attacking them in small strikes. Very few Techs have earned a reprieve by pursuing less destructive technology that doesn't harm the environment. Enforcers are also enemies of the Vistas, especially since the Hoover Dam incident. The also engage in combat with the Vistas frequently since Enforcers protect the Techs. The Travelers are not so much a direct enemy of the Vistas, but their disregard for nature keeps them at odds.

The Lightbearers work well with the Vistas since the two factions have very similar goals and beliefs. A healthy trade continues between them as they inch forward in an effort to reshape the wastes. The CHOTA are the untamable wild animal that the Vistas fear may break loose one day, but until then, they manipulate them into doing their bidding until that time comes.