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Glossary of Terms

Action - Family business, usually a con or some other shady operation.

All In - Fully committed, often with great risk involved.

Appliers - Organization within the Techs which believes in the practical use of technology to better humanity as a whole. Mainly comprised of Techs who grew up outside Hoover Dam and who have little interest in abstract research.

Armored Bullies - Vista vulgar for Enforcers.

Black magic - Uncannily good luck.

Bleeding the stone - Consistently betting on losers.

Blood Horde - A sect of CHOTA who want to swell up and storm the entire Province as one mighty army, killing everyone in their way and destroying all items of technology.

Brother - A common title used in addressing a male Lightbearer.

Brutes - Vista vulgar for Enforcers.

Busted flush - Totally botched operation.

Cashed In - Dead

Chibble - Tech slang for potential negative side-effects or consequences pertaining to the use of some technological apparatus. i.e., "Nice reactor you've got there. Any chibble to worry about?"

Claw of Redhand - A sect of CHOTA who are the eyes and ears of Redhand.

Color Up - A strategic move that gains an advantage.

Concrete Coffin - Apartment buildings.

Congress of Science - Ruling body of the Tech faction, comprised of eight yearly elected representatives of the largest Tech settlements in the Province. All members have equal power in policy decisions, though the representative from the University serves as Speaker and keeps the Congress in order.

Dino and Jerry - Friends. A good match.

Earth Haters - Vista vulgar for Techs.

Earth Talkers - CHOTA vulgar for Vistas.

Fat Elvis - A major score.

Fertilizer - People that the Vistas don't like. Sometimes this refers to dead enemies of the Vistas. Not worth compost. Useless.

Fist of Redhand - A sect of CHOTA who are the bodyguards and muscle of Redhand.

Grandmaster - A title given to one of the six leaders of the Council for the Lightbearers. Presently, only two are serving the Lightbearers: Grandmaster Kim Jurr and Grandmaster Ryan Yoshi.

Grease - Bribe. Payoff.

Greenies - Derogatory term for Vistas.

Heap - Vista communal home. "I'm going back to the heap to rest a while."

Hounds - CHOTA vulgar for the Enforcers. Short form of Master's Hounds.

Joker - An unexpected turn. Wild card.

Jumping the Fountain - Exhibiting showy behavior, usually in an attempt to impress someone.

Metal Forests - Cities

Monastery - The former home of the Lightbearers before the attack by Alec Masters, originally serving as a hospital before the Fall. Shakti used it to provide a place where the doctors could practice medicine safely in the most well-equipped and highly staffed medical facility in the Province outside of Hoover Dam. All visitors were welcome.

Mulch 'em - "Kill them."

New York, New York - A sophisticated individual.

Oathtakers - A sect of the CHOTA only concerned with destroying the Enforcers and the hated children of Alec Masters.

Paychecker - A commoner.

Playing the Rush - Taking more chances after a lucky streak.

Pull - Influence.

Puppets - CHOTA vulgar for Techs. Short form of Master's puppets.

Push - Tie. Neither side wins. A situation where two outcomes cancel each other.

Quiet Ones - A sect of the CHOTA that do not wish to attack outsiders at all, preferring to allow society and civilization to collapse without their help.

Rat Pack - Common nickname for the heads of the various Traveler families.

Riding the River - Putting everything on the line for a last-ditch gamble.

Rubbing the Felt - Out of chips. Broke. Out of luck.

Scared Money - Betting money you can't afford to lose.

Seven-come-Eleven - A mantra for good luck.

Shackles - CHOTA vulgar for the Enforcers.

Shakti - A woman who appeared in the Grand Canyon Province soon after the Shiva Virus killed most of civilization. She is also known as being the original founder of the Lightbearers, frequently quoted and referenced by members of the group for her wisdom and advice.

Shaman - Mutant CHOTA who seek to widen their senses and increase their powers by using herbs and fungi to alter their mental state.

Singing like Sinatra - Squealing. (It's actually a reference to Nancy Sinatra, not Frank.)

Sister - A common title used in addressing a female Lightbearer.

Slaughter Kings - A sect of CHOTA that see themselves as the sole worthy survivors of humanity, the ultimate beings in evolution, and thus all other humans should be made to serve.

Smooching the Tiger - Pushing your luck too far.

Snake Eyes - Messed up. Not going as planned.

Snake River - An extremely long-shot gamble.

Spirit Seers - A sect of CHOTA consisting of a shaman-dominated group of mutants.

Swag - Loot. Valuables.

Tainted - A sect within the CHOTA that contains disfigured pariahs and freaks of the faction.

Taste - A sample.

Tea-makers - CHOTA vulgar for Lightbearers.

Techno Flunkies - Vista vulgar for Enforcers.

Techno-monsters - Vista vulgar for Techs.

The Sun and Moon - A wing of the Lightbearers believed to be to an elite unit of highly trained assassins.

The Wheel Spins - Life goes on.

Theoreticians - Tech subgroup whose primary goal is the advancement of technology for its own sake. Primarily composed of Techs from Hoover Dam who build and repair practical technology solely as a means of supporting their own research.

Tree-huggers - Derogatory term for Vistas.

Treekillers - Vista vulgar for Techs.

Triple Cherry - Jackpot. Going better than expected.

University - Founded by Tech refugees from the Hoover Dam, this is the largest of the Tech settlements where their most important research and production takes place.

Warchief - The title generally given to CHOTA town leaders. Towns are usually named after the Warchief of the town; for example: Warchief Jannix Boneclaw of Boneclaw.

Waste Walkers - CHOTA vulgar for Travelers.