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In-Game Help Tips

For the most part, this list is also in-game, but it is listed here with some edits. Feel free to look over some basic aspects of control within the game, you might find something you didn't already know.

Advancement Points (AP) - Advancement Points, or AP, are a measure of what your character learns and are gained by advancing in level or completing missions. You spend AP by selecting the tab of the Attributes window you wish to spend points in and then click on the individual Stats, Skill, or Mutation Path. You can then click on the up arrow at the bottom of the Attributes window to select the number of points you wish to add to the ability. You may do this with multiple abilities on a single page. Clicking Apply will apply all these changes and spend your AP.

Aim Mode - To swing a weapon you first need to go into aim mode by clicking on the middle mouse button or the TAB button. You exit aim mode the same way. You may interact with objects and characters in the world while in aim mode by placing the reticle over them, at which point the reticule will change into the appropriate type of cursor.

Attack Abilities - Some abilities are used along with attacks. Once these abilities are used, they will go off the next time you make an attack with an appropriate weapon, such as a special melee attack going off when you swing your axe. These attacks hit whatever is in your reticule and is in range.

Attacking - Once you are in aim mode, left clicking will attack using two-handed weapons or one-handed weapons in your right hand. If you have two weapons, right clicking will attack using the weapon in your left hand.

Attributes & Skills - Attributes determine the base abilities of your character, such as hit points, stamina, and resistance to special attacks. Skills determine how wel you use items, such as weapons and armor, and what special abilities you can access. Mutation Paths allow you to access special abilities and must be gained in game before you can spend AP on them. Tradeskills allow you to craft items. Attributes, Skills, and Mutation Paths are raised with AP, Tradeskills are raised through use.

Crafting - To make an item, press [L] to open your recipe window. This will display a list of all the tradeskill knowledges you have. Clicking on a knowledge will display a list of all the recipes under that knowledge and the number of each recipe you can make with your current inventory.

Crouch - When sneaking past opponents, it is a good idea to Crouch by pressing [C]. While crouching, you move slowly but generate less noise.

Driving - When on a vehicle, you can use [W] to accelerate, the [S] key to brake, and the [A] and [D] keys to turn. You may use pistols and rifles on ATV's or motorcycles and rifles on horses, but not while driving other vehicles.

Flashlight - You can turn on a flashlight by pressing the [F] key.

Jumping - To jump, press the space bar. Jumping can get you into areas you cannot reach otherwise.

Ladders - To climb a ladder, move next to it. Climb up with the [W] key or down with the [S] key.

Looking Around - To look around when you are not in aim mode, hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse around. If you want to stand still while looking around, hold the [ALT] key in while moving the camera.

Merchants - To buy from a merchant, double left click or right click on the goods listed in the merchant's window. To sell to a merchant, click on the Sell tab in the merchant window or right click on an item in your pack and select Sell from the context menu.

Mission Symbols - A green symbol above a converser's head means you have completed a mission for that converser and may turn it in. A red symbol above a converser's head means you have an uncompleted mission for that converser. A yellow symbol above a converser's head means they have a mission to offer you. Grey symbols mean you are not high level enough for the mission the converser has to offer.

Mission Window - The [J] button opens the Mission window. It lists all the missions you currently have. Selecting a mission from the list will give you a short summary of the mission and each individual goal for completing it. Missions in red text are above your level, missions in yellow text are roughly equal to your level, and missions in green text are below your level. Missions are grouped by their location. The Mission Tracker is on the middle right of the screen and displays the status of your current active mission.

Mounts - Vehicles allow you to move faster, but limit your weapons and consume fuel as they move. Vehicles may be attacked and destroyed.

Nodes - Harvesting nodes are scattered throughout the world, allowing you to gather resources and items by left or right clicking on them. These show up on the tactical map as piles of junk or plant symbols. Nodes can require skills, knowledges, or items in order to harvest them.

Opponent Names - The color of another character's name can telly you how they'll react to you. A red name indicates that they want to attack you. A yellow name means that you can attack them but that they won't start a fight with you unless you are of an opposing faction. Non-hostile characters will have white names.

Prone - To go prone, press [P]. Movement while Prone is active is very slow, but it creates minimal noise and allow you to get to areas you could not otherwise reach.

Raising Abilities - Stats cost 5 AP per point to raise. Skills and mutation paths cost 1 AP per point to raise. Stats have a base value of your level +10 and a max of 150% of their base. Each skill and mutation has a baseequal to a ratio between two stats, such as Rifle being based on 75% Dexterity and 25% Perception. The max value for a skill is twice its base.

Reloading - Pressing [R] will reload your weapons. If you are using two weapons it will reload both of them simultaneously.

Scopes - Some rifles come equipped with scopes. To use the scope, hold down the [B] button while in Aim mode.

Side Effects of Death - Now if you die and resurrect in a LifeNet pod, you will receive a penalty to your earned XP for ten minutes after your death. If you die and resurrect in a LifeNet pod again within this ten minute span, the penalty willl get worse and the timer resets. Also your equipment degrades each time you die.

Special Abilities - These are learned through missions or knowledge books and consume stamina, gamma, or items when used. All your available abilities are displayed on the Ability window, which is opened with the [N] key.

Stance Abilities - Some abilities called stances give your character attribute modifications as long as the stance is active. Characters can only have one stance active at a time.

Stealth - If you approach opponents from behind, they will not see you, but they may hear you. Moving or attacking generates noise that may draw their attention.

Waypoints - Waypoints show you where to go to complete a mission. They appear on the tactical map, in the upper right corner of the screen. If the waypoint is on the edge of the map, it is more than 50 meteres away. A waypoint may be above you or below you. This is indicated on the waypoint with a corresponding up or down arrow near the waypoint marker.

Weapon Cycling - To cycle through your weapons, press [CTRL] and turn the mouse wheel or use [CTRL] and a function key. 1 = Right Back, 2 = Left Back, 3 = Right Hip, 4= Left Hip, 5= Right Thigh, 6 = Left Thigh.