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Clinton FARM NPCs

Clancy Steadman - (LifeNet Operator)
Inside LifeNet Pod - X:3955198, Y: 3385030

Bennett Reed - (Tradeskill Tutor)
Inside LifeNet Pod - X:3955198, Y: 3385030

Robert Duran
Outside of the Vault Building - X:3958347, Y:3392411

Sally Spearman
Outside Cooking Facility - X:3953674, Y:3380013

Jenna Soss
Inside LifeNet Pod - X:3955198, Y: 3385030

Dr. Delia Clinton
2nd floor of the Medical Lab - X:3973941, Y:3390810

Tess Bramby
2nd floor of the Geology Lab - X:3960145, Y:3384708

Sam Clinton
2nd floor of old firehouse - X:3969297, Y:3386730

Harry Abingdon
Outside Armorcraft Workshop - X:3963467, Y:3392577

Seter of the Oathtakers
Behind Ballistics Workshop - X:3960661, Y: 3392700

Greg Casa
Near Nature Facility - X:3969629, Y:3396483

Dr. Hugh Clinton
Medical Lab - X:3972346, Y:3392508

Dr. Laurie Clinton
Medical Lab - X:3972294, Y:3392950

Garren Bramby
2nd floor of Geology Lab - X: 3958257, Y:3386325

John Lockland
Near Weaponry Workshop - X:3963014, Y:3385925

Rory Mason - (Franklin's Riders)
Outside the Geology Lab - X:3957770, Y:3387424

Penny Rice (Franklin's Riders)
Outside Vault Building - X:3969730, Y:3393599

Saeger Bramby
South of Clinton FARM - X:3964317, Y:3349684

Coriander Lowell
Near Nature Facility - X:3966055, Y:3393791

Clinton FARM Medic
Bramby Mine - During 'Into the Mine' Mission - X:3963762, Y:3442146

Wounded Hazmat Cleaner
Bramby Mine - During 'Back Into the Mine' Mission - X:3963762, Y:3442146

Speaker of the Net
South Entrance to Clinton FARM - X:3957421, Y:3382429

Darin Toff (Stable Manager)
Garage - X:3952611, Y:3372407

Fezi Bramby (Garage Manager)
Garage - X:3952611, Y:3372407

Helpful Stranger (ATV Info)
Garage - X:3952611, Y:3372407