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NPCs - Sector 1

Listed below are the different settlements that you will find the scattered remains of life. Take a moment to see what your fellow human, clone, or mutant may have to offer you.

Please select a town to get started:

Starter Towns

Clinton FARM NPCs
Clinton FARM Merchants
Clinton FARM Trainers

Midway NPCs
Midway Merchants
Midway Trainers

Boneclaw NPCs
Boneclaw Merchants
Boneclaw Trainers

Mumford NPCs
Mumford Merchants
Mumford Trainers

South Burb NPCs
South Burb Merchants
South Burb Trainers

North Burb NPCs
North Burb Merchants
North Burb Trainers

Terance NPCs
Terance Merchants
Terance Trainers

Depot 66 NPCs
Depot 66 Merchants
Depot 66 Trainers

Zanesville NPCs
Zanesville Merchants
Zanesville Trainers

Lower Plateau

Odenville NPCs
Odenville Merchants
Odenville Trainers

Simsonville NPCs
Simsonville Merchants

Oilville NPCs
Oilville Merchants
Oilville Trainers

Embry Crossroads NPCs
Embry Crossroads Merchants
Embry Crossroads Trainers

Highway Bridge NPCs
Highway Bridge Merchants
Highway Bridge Trainers

Kingman View

Linewood NPCs
Linewood Merchants
Linewood Trainers

Needle Eye NPCs
Needle Eye Merchants
Needle Eye Trainers

Rest Stop NPCs
Rest Stop Merchants

Old Kingman NPCs
Old Kingman Merchants
Old Kingman Trainers

Mowbray Basin

Coppermine NPCs
Coppermine Merchants
Coppermine Trainers

Mowbray Basin Refugee Town NPCs
Mowbray Basin Refugee Town Merchants

Mowbray NPCs
Mowbray Merchants
Mowbray Trainers

Pinkston NPCs
Pinkston Merchants
Pinkston Trainers

Rawson Farm NPCs

Ascendant Ridge

Pass Chris NPCs
Pass Chris Merchants
Pass Chris Trainers

Murphy Refugee Camp NPCs

Watchtower NPCs
Watchtower Merchants
Watchtower Trainers

Missile Silo NPCs
Missile Silo Merchants

Toro Bend

Trailer Park NPCs
Trailer Park Merchants
Trailer Park Trainers

Murder Hole NPCs
Murder Hole Merchants

Lower Toro Valley NPCs
Lower Toro Valley Merchants

Trumbull NPCs
Trumbull Merchants
Trumbull Trainers

New Toro Power Station NPCs
New Toro Power Station Merchants

Spider Hill NPCs
Spider Hill Merchants
Spider Hill Trainers

Plateau-Northfields Wastes

The Oasis NPCs
The Oasis Merchants

Road's End NPCs
Road's End Merchants

Canyon Overlook NPCs