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Locations - Clinton FARM

The Clinton Fire-Alpine-Rescue-Medical Center or Clinton FARM for short is home to two prominent families, the Clinton's and the Bramby's. Both play a vital role in the survival of this settlement and the surrounding areas. Many fledgling medical practitioners travel to the farm for training from the Clinton family. The Bramby's run the mine that supplies much of the needed metallic resources, despite it being overrun with Blade Dancers lately.


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Brief Background

Clinton FARM, as described above, is a great starting place for clones that would like to persue the medical field. It has a few mission series that'll set you up with some of the basic First Aid abilities and Medicine Tradeskill books. Since the Bramby Mine is nearby, you will also get a head start on some Geology skills as well.

The town is not without conflict though. A band of Blade Dancers have decided to takeover the Bramby Mine to steal the toxic waste stored deep within. This has caused a serious problem for the locals. As the Blade Dancers are shipping the toxic waste out, they are contaminating the land and toxic plumes have been rising into the town. There is a station of residents trying to retake the mine and you will be requested to help in many ways.

While in the area, it may be wise to take advantage of the local plantlife. Several varieties of cacti grow in this part of the plateau, from Woolly to Water cacti, to some of the slightly less commonly seen such as White Sap and Blood cacti. There is also quite a bit of scrap and refuse piles to help yourself to, so don't hesitate to build up on your supplies.