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Locations - Embry Crossroads

Embry Crossroads is the capital of the Plateau, otherwise known as Sector 1. There are many influential groups that have a say in this major city, from the Bankers, the sects in Temple Row aka Kook Alley, and the massive army of Blade Dancers in Junk Fortress. There are separate sections within the city and a mix of class and personalities. One of the big attractions of Embry Crossroads is the vast mercantile options, the city is crawling with merchants and trainers trying to make their way in this barren landscape. Embry Crossroads also is home to the Archive Coalition which happens to be a very knowledgeable group that has a desire to collect the various books that have been lost in the wasteland. Lastly, besides being a meeting hub for a lot of clan events and such, travelers from all over come here to partake in the Monster Hunt, a wild challenge that pins hunters against some enormous beasts to give the locals some interesting entertainment.


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Brief Background

One of the most influential groups running the show in Embry Crossroads is the Bankers. They have develop the Banker District and opened the VIP Vault to supplement their wealthiest clients. Temple Row houses quite a large group of organizations as well from Lightbearers, the Open Book Society, and CoGs, to the Cult of the Dead, and the Judges. The Slums is the less than appealing section with constant attacks from the local Survivalists and some pretty desperate individuals. Their is also the main strip with the Auction House and the Archive Coalition and a vast amount of merchant shops selling their wares to passing customers. There is so much more going on in the city, but it has quite a few dark corners, so watch where you go or else be prepared for the worst.

Despite its flourishing market and bustling economy, there is definitely a dangerous side to Embry Crossroads. Some of the locals have been spreading rumors about the Open Book Society and their recruiting practices. There is talk of people disappearing and a strange figure hanging out by the local satellite dish. The Bankers and Franklin's Riders have their own issues, so feel free to aid them if your looking for work. Locals living in the Slums also need help dealing with the band of Survivalists that have been making raids lately. These are all serious problems for Embry, but the largest concern for most of the town is the looming Blade Dancer takeover that is becoming more of a reality with each passing day. Loki at Junk Fortress has built up a massive army and his sights are most likely on the city. Without some help in the near future, the whole town of Embry Crossroads may be nothing more than a ghost town if someone doesn't turn the tide.

Besides the local drama, Embry Crossroads has a rich landscape all around it. One of the popular resource spots is the hills to the south covered in copper and iron deposits. In certain areas around the city are also an abundance of Bright Eye Weeds and Burning Cacti which are quite useful. If scavenging is what someone is after, then take on the Survivalists and take advantage of their trash pile of a settlement nearby, there is loads of junk to sift through with a wealth of resources to be had. Lastly, hunters of course have the Monster Hunt, but also there is quite a variety of animals and creatures to harvest, so grab that crossbow and get to it.