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Locations - Midway

Midway may seem like a nice place to visit from a distance, but be warned. Fighting between two Traveler families has been escalating, so much that some of the local merchants have been relocating their shops to the rooftops. While the Kellers and Burns families fight it out, the local CoGs called the 'Found' have it out for the inhabitants of Midway. When they are not busy worshipping their toasters, they are focused on planning a cleansing of the local area, so watch yourself out here.


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Brief Background

Despite the conflicts going on in Midway, this is a great starter town for those interested in crafting. There is a lot of work to be done here and many of the locals will be more than willing to part with their crafting knowledge to reward those capable of aiding them. The range of talent covers weapons and armor, medicine and science, and even the local mutagenics expert Dr. Cremaster.

With that said, you best be on your guard here. Two rival Traveler families have it out for each other. The Burns and the Kellers are in a war over control of the town and since the Traveler Code doesn't allow one Traveler to harm another, it isn't stopping them from recruiting help for their cause. Choose wisely who you side with or else you may find yourself gazing at the inside of a LifeNet Pod before you know it. Traveler antics is the least of the town's problems though. Their is a local CoG problem that may spell the end of days for Midway. They own a local junkyard that hides a very deadly secret. Efforts are being made to prevent the worst, but your intervention may make the difference Midway needs to survive.

When your not crafting or killing, you may want to be collecting. Midway has a ton of great resources to be had if you scavenge the area. The rooftops of the buildings have some good scrap and junked metal if you can gain access to them. The outer edges of the town has a lot of junked wood and random scrap piles to sift through. There is even a scrap heap with loads of random junk to the east, but watch out for the local scorpion that has claimed this spot its home.