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Locations - North Burb

The town of North Burb is a prominent home for the Lightbearers. They have been expanding to the west with their asian style architecture giving North Burb a unique look compared to the other towns in the area. What brought them here in the first place is the fact that there used to be a GlobalTech clinic in the area, but most of the useful supplies have been taken from there now. Unfortunately, despite the Lightbearers being adaquete medicinal practitioners, there has been an outbreak of an epidemic. It has led the town to create a quarantine camp to protect the uninfected, so be careful when in this area.


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Brief Background

North Burb has a lot offer starting with its do good mentality. If you like helping others, then the skills taught here will be helpful, such as group tactics and first aid. This is also a melee heavy town, so expect a good deal of training for those close encounters. When your not helping out the Lightbearers, there is a good deal of work needed from the residents in the old part of town. With the outbreak, many people are worried and are trying to do what they can to find the source as well as a cure.

The people here are mostly good and decent folk, but they are facing overwhelming odds with the local Blade Dancers causing all sorts of trouble for them. If Blade Dancers aren't bad enough, the Survivalists nearby have been raiding the local scrapyard leaving the residents of North Burb with little to use for the town. Once you've covered yourself in Blade Dancer and Survivalist blood, look up Thaddeus Cerny, he may just prove too much to handle in the end.

With all the turmoil going on around town, it is easy to get distracted from the less intensive resource gathering aspect. It won't be a cakewalk, but there is some good nature resources to be had, especially to the northwest. If you need ragged leather or tainted meat, then the abundance of bothersome coyotes provides a simple solution. Lastly, the Survivalists have been moving in for a reason and the scrap they want may be worth fighting over.