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Locations - Odenville

Odenville is one of the larger cities in the Lower Plateau and has a lot going for it since it is the main trading hub for Midway, Boneclaw, and Embry Crossroads. Sylvia Anderson is the Head of the Merchants' Council that oversees this profitable trade, but she has her hands tied up with the local Salvager problem. There is a powerful force of CHOTA that help protect the town, but they are being stretched thin from here to Clinton FARM. If that isn't enough, the Deep Gully Mine has also been a focal point of attention due to a recent accident that has left many miners dead and the ones alive in a panic. Despite its recent problems, Odenville still stands strong and with the help of an adventurous clone, it just might have a chance at sticking around for awhile.


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Brief Background

Although Sylvia Anderson is technically running the show in Odenville and dealing with the Salvager problem, some of the residents have taken it upon themselves to take care of some of the other local problems not being dealt with. Vistas claim the town is wasting resources and tainting the earth, others are more focused on the Scorpion Den that has swallowed up quite a few unsuspecting travelers in the area, the CHOTA are worried they may not be strong enough to protect the people, and then there are the Diggers...

The area is quite hostile around Odenville even with all the armed guards protecting the town of late. The townsfolk are actively battling Salvagers all over the place and it is almost a stalemate at this point. This might be due to the Salvager Fortress to the east that is supplying endless recruits to the battlefield. The wildlife has also gone over the edge. If you want proof, then check out the farm to the west being overrun with Blood Rabbits or the growing wolf presence near the Deep Gully mining camp. If bloodshed is your thing, then you have plenty to keep you busy. Oh, and did we mention that there are Diggers...

With all the conflict going on around Odenville, the crafting types might shy away and that could be a mistake. The town is surrounded by scrap heaps with hidden goodies for the taking, hence why the Salvagers are so focused on moving into the area. There are also quite a few natural plants that can prove useful to someone with an eye for that kind of thing. Lastly, Deep Gully Mine is a great place for miners. It is loaded with chemical deposits in the mining camp and the inside of the mine has loads of coal, copper, and iron, and not to mention Diggers...