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Locations - Rest Stop

The once quaint mining town is now a death trap for anyone unprepared for what litters the streets. Similar to the tragedy that fell upon Terance, the miners at the Rest Stop mine uncovered a buried LifeNet station which triggered a deadly chain reaction. The miners stood little to no chance in stopping the swarm of rotters that poured into the streets of Rest Stop. The inhabitants were slaughtered, nearly all wiped out. Only a few have clung to a dieing hope. They have huddled inside one of the only safe houses in the town, desperate for help from anyone that is insane enough to venture into the town. They are low on supplies and short on hope, but they do have Graham, a clone designed specifically to shut down damaged LifeNet pods. He is trying to shut down the malfunctioning pod with little success and needs to rethink his strategy before he goes back into the death pit that has become the Rest Stop Mine.


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Brief Background

With so many people killed from the initial attack on the town, there is only a handful of survivors that remain. Thresh Slade is busy collecting supplies and willing to pay anyone that lends a hand. Poor Hannah Fisk got separated from her husband, Robert, and fears the worst. Graham has more pressing issues to deal with as he tries to disable the pod that is spitting out the rotters. He has tried many times already and each time he has died, but since he is also a clone, he can keep trying, but time has nearly run out for the people still alive in Rest Stop.

Combat minded individuals will the local rotter infestation a great means for practice. Being such slow movers, ranged fighters can pick these nasties from a safe distance. Melee fighters may find that the rotters are a bit tough up close, so be warned. Besides fighting in the streets of Rest Stop, the neaby Dry Flats military base is a great spot to seek out PVP action on your fellow clone since the area is rich in resources. Also, if your really feeling bold, take a shot at the local boss, Project 432, but you may want to bring some friends since this beast can be a challenge for the unprepared.

With so many rotters running the streets, the town of Rest Stop has turned into a festering ceasepool with dead bodies littering the streets, this is a good thing for someone willing to sift through all these bodies for scavenge. There are also rusty medical crates all over town containing medical supplies, most common among them being Weak Antiseptic. Moldy Hide Stretchers contain strips of leather, some of a higher quality than what is normally found in these parts. The old military base of Dry Flats is not far away in the nearby PVP zone. It is stocked full of salvage that only the bravest can haul out of there without being gunned down or clubbed by other scavengers. Unfortunately, there isn't much for wildlife for hunters since the rotters have appeared. Better luck elsewhere.