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S1 Omnibus Guide

Master Archivist Augusta Brown of the Archive Coalition in Embry Crossroads is recruiting clones to help retrieve the lost volumes of text from the pre-Fall world. These books are being used to create the Omnibus, a vast collection of knowledge regarding combat, research, and support. This organization is paying well and has quite a large number of allies. If you so choose to assist them, then we so choose to assist you in this task.

The main incentive for this is that you can turn in the Omnibus for 5AP, and each of the Collections for 1AP each, totalling 8AP per sector. This is quite huge to many clones and thus we are here to help you achieve this important goal and earn those much needed ability points. We have compiled a list of data to aid you as well as a brief tutorial to get started.

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Getting Started

Archive Coalition Backstory

Archive Coalition NPCs

Archive Coalition Missions

Collections - Plateau Books Knowledge

S1 Curious Debris (Bags) Locations

S1 Curious Debris (Barrels) Locations

S1 Curious Debris (Desk) Locations

S1 Sturdy Bookshelf Locations