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Long before the Fall, the world held dear the written word. It was used to relay messages, tell stories, provide instructions, and many other important purposes. Since the apocalypse, the world has seen a massive decline in literacy and the written word has faded into the shadows of society. Those familiar with tradeskills know very well how important their manuals are to their improvement of their trade. This is also the case for people in power, people who want to expand their leadership abilities. This is where the Archive Coalition comes into play.

Scattered across the wastes, books of the old world as well as the new can be found in the trash heaps that litter the landscape. Very few average people know the value of these books, but one organization has taken it upon themselves to collect these ancient texts in pursuit of preserving information from before the Fall. It's members are many and come from various walks of life; scientists, researchers, historians, junk collectors, hobbyists, etc. They use these books to help rebuild society and bring civility back to the human race.

As the books flow in, the Archive Coalition creates vast libraries that contain Sets, Collections, and the coveted Omnibus. The Omnibus is the completed compendium of all the known books of value within a given region. Each sector contains their own books that are used to create the Sets, one for nearly each tradeskill. These Sets in turn make up the Collections. There are three collections, research, support, and combat. Once you have all 3 of the sector's Collections, they are then combined into the Omnibus.

The Archive Coalition pays well for these books and in turn they receive revenue for lending them out to special individuals in the Grand Canyon Province. They loan these books to the best and brightest minds, including Pat Haskins, the great medical doctor in Oilville and Bearer Astai, the Lightbearer leader of North Burb. Their list of clients has been growing steadily. The last Plateau Combat Collection was sent to Megara of the Quiet Ones who is said to be taking over for Redhand someday. The Techs in Oilville are asking for the Plateau Research Collection and Ranger Travis in Trumbull recently asked for a copy of the Plateau Support Collection.

These books are becoming so popular that clones are now being recruited by the Archive Coalition in an effort to meet demand. Master Archivist Augusta Brown is the person to see in their headquarters within Embry Crossroads. Northfields and Kaibab Forest have seperate offices as well and thus the expansion of the business has reached all sectors. To provide quality delivery of the books, the Archive Coalition has also allied with the Franklin's Riders and they try to remain neutral with the six main factions of the region. It is a tough job, but the preservation of history and sharing of knowledge is worth every ounce of effort.